Did you know that typical rugs are much dirtier than toilets?

It’s not something we like to admit, but most of the rugs are dirtier than we think.

Your carpet is the largest air filter in your home. The interior of your home acts as a trap for dust, dirt, pet dander and more. In fact, indoor air generally contains twice as much dust as outdoor air. Each ounce of carpet dust can support up to 2,000 dust mites, thriving on dead skin cells and nesting on your carpet.

The residue they leave mixes with the dust and turns into air, and can become a cause of allergies. Each year, you will end up accumulating several pounds of dirt on and under your carpet. Although the vacuum helps a good deep clean with a Rug Doctor once a year, it is ESSENTIAL. Your rug will not only look and smell better, it will be ready to continue filtering the air and trapping allergens, at least until the next deep clean.

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